The MMR faculty includes distinguished specialists on all instruments and voices. All are exceptional performers and dedicated, outstanding teachers. During the week they prepare and perform two recitals, coach sectionals and chamber ensembles and teach Electives.


Conductors, Symphonic Band — Michael Burch-Pesses
Chorus, Conductors — Loren Pontén
Conductors, Orchestra — Roupen Shakarian
Baroque Strings, Conductors, String Orchestra — Sandi Schwarz
Conductor, Conductors, Piano — Roger Nelson
Conductor, Conductors, Trumpet — William Berry


Flute, Woodwinds — Darrin Thaves
Flute, Woodwinds — Wendy Wilhelmi
Brass-Wind-Percussion Coordinator, Oboe, Woodwinds — Dan Williams
Clarinet, Woodwinds — Cris Inguanti
Clarinet, Woodwinds — Kevin Morton
Saxophone, Woodwinds — Patrick Sheng
Bassoon, Woodwinds — Adam Trussell


Brass, Trombone — David Bryan
Brass, French Horn — Lydia Van Dreel
Brass, Jazz, Trumpet — Jim Sisko
Brass, Tuba — Jon Hill

Piano & Percussion

Accompanist, Piano, Piano & Percussion — Joel Baker
Percussion, Piano & Percussion — Karen Sunmark
Percussion, Piano & Percussion — Matthew Drumm
Piano, Piano & Percussion — Charles Enlow
Piano, Piano & Percussion — Joel Bevington


Strings, Violin — Cecilia Archuleta
Strings, Violin — Dorothea Cook
Strings, Violin — Mary Sokol Brown
String Coordinator, Strings, Viola — Thane Lewis
Strings, Viola — Eileen Swanson
Cello, Strings — Anne Brennand
Cello, Strings — Meg Brennand
String Bass, Strings — David Brown
Strings, Violin — Laurel Wells


Soprano, Voice — Lisa Cardwell Pontén
Mezzo-Soprano, Voice — Kathryn Weld
Tenor, Voice — Adam Burdick
Baritone, Vocal Coordinator, Voice — Jason Anderson
Alto, Voice — Margaret Green
Baritone, Voice — Scott Kovacs
Soprano, Voice — Julie Rains Kangas