Sandi Schwarz

Sandi Schwarz was violin faculty for many years from the time MMR started, so she is not unknown to the older participants. While living in the Seattle area (1974 to 2005) Sandi was active as a modern violinist, but since the '80s has specialized in Baroque- and Classical-style performance practice. One of her loves has been playing chamber music. In the early days there was L'Arianna Quartet with Sandi, Deede Cook, Eileen Swanson and Paige Smith. The other quartet she played in was as faculty at the Cornish School of Music (yes, in those years that was its name) with Martin Friedman, Sandi, Eileen and Bruce Macintosh.

As a Classical-style specialist she formed the The Tomasini Quartet with Mary Manning, Laurie Wells and Meg Brennand. It later became the Iris Quartet with flutist Janet See. Meg stayed on with Sandi, and Kim Zabelle joined as regular violist.

She also was Concertmaster for George Shangrow's Chamber Orchestra which also accompanied the Seattle Chamber Singers. Sandi shares many memories with Deede of exalted choral and instrumental performances.

Sandi also was conductor for the Bainbridge Orchestra for many years. There and also at MMR she started to share her expertise in Baroque performance practice, which she continues this Summer.

In 2005 she moved to her native country, Mexico, yet she continues to play with Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra in the Bay Area (now 20 years a member). Until 2010, she lived in Oaxaca, Oaxaca, but in February she and her partner Pat Smith moved to Cuernavaca, Morelos.