Scott Kovacs

Scott Kovacs is a choral musician living and working in Seattle, WA.  He is currently the Assistant Director and Business Manager for the Seattle Choral Company, and has in the past served as Associate Conductor of Illumni Men’s Chorale and as the General Manager of The Esoterics.  He helped found the Greater Seattle Choral Consortium in 2010 and serves as its President, as well as one of the co-chairs of the Seattle Sings Choral Festival.  One of his great joys is singing with the Compline Choir at Saint Mark’s Cathedral, as well as singing in the Cathedral Choir there and supporting the Schola Intergenerational Choir with his voice and mentorship. His voice and his music (he’s a composer too!) can be heard on many CDs produced in Seattle.   Having grown up in Phoenix, AZ, Scott was always active in music; singing in two choirs in High School, he always knew music would be in his life.  After studying opera at Northern Arizona University and Music Education at Arizona State University, Scott became a Junior High School Music teacher and professional choral singer before moving to Seattle in 2009.