Chamber Music & Electives

During the afternoon and evening, MMR singers and instrumentalists broaden their musical experience by participating in a wide variety of small chamber ensembles and elective classes. Registered participants will be sent an Afternoon Activities Preference form to indicate their choices. A typical program would be one Chamber Ensemble, and one Elective or Free Time. Ensembles and Electives are scheduled in the same time slots. Experienced campers reserve some time each day for FREE TIME, practice, rest or recreation.

Coached Chamber Music

The standard chamber ensemble option for both singers and instrumentalists (including pianists) provides for one and a half hours of coached rehearsal each day. Campers are asked to complete a detailed Self-Evaluation indicating their ability, experience and musical interests. Participants are matched by these criteria and assigned a faculty coach. Vocalists may request an instrumental ensemble and instrumentalists may request a vocal group.

Campers who come with a pre-arranged ensemble are guaranteed the opportunity to be coached together. All members of a prearranged group should register early. Section caps could apply to stragglers!

Pre-arranged ensembles may also choose a more intensive chamber ensemble option with two sessions of coaching each day, plus the use of an assigned studio for additional rehearsal.